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ASGA Academy offers efficient training and development services, in addition to expert consulting and outsourcing services. Backed by 15 years of experience, ASGA Academy bridges talent gaps and drive business success.
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ASGA Academy Training and Development Services

ASGA Academy provides a wide range of training and development services across different fields for corporates and individuals alike. ASGA Academy also provides robust consulting and outsourcing services across a variety of business fields. Founded in 2007, ASGA Academy has successfully positioned itself as one of the most recognized training, consulting, and outsourcing services providers in Egypt and the MENA region. We bring this unique blend of decades-long of proven experience and industry-leading trainers and consultants, ASGA Academy delivers high-quality training and engaging learning experiences as well as data-powered consulting support and scalable outsourcing solutions.
ASGA Academy Training and Development Services

Asga Academy Services

ASGA Academy offers corporations, organizations, and government agencies comprehensive training and development services to develop the skills your workforce needs. With ASGA Academy, you get custom training in different fields, including human resources, soft skills, software, localization, and IT, and that’s perfectly aligned with your business strategy. ASGA Academy corporate training maximizes the capabilities of your people and fuels your business growth.
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online training
For individuals, for leaders, high achievers, and career shifters, ASGA Academy delivers highly personalized training and development services, designed to achieve your unique development objectives and career aspirations. Our courses and development programs are both online and offline for your convenience. Additionally, our training and development services are complemented by our unparalleled post-training solutions, including on-the-job training, internships, and job opportunities.
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consultant services
Alongside our training and development services, ASGA Academy supports your business with robust consultation services that deliver more than what you expect. Our consulting services include strategy consulting, human resources consulting, IT/ technology consulting, legal consulting, and even financial consulting. Our professional consultants channel their diverse capabilities and draw on their deep industry expertise to provide clear and comprehensive guidance and expert advice across your operations.
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outsourcing 2
ASGA Academy has the capacity and capabilities to provide efficient outsourcing services to help enterprises of all sizes and industries maximize their efficiency, performance, and scalability. ASGA Academy doesn’t only offer training and development services, we leverage our outsourcing expertise to help you close your business’ vocational gaps with nothing less than top caliber in software, human resources, administration, localization, and IT. We align your outsourcing needs with your business strategies and objectives and bring the right talent to the right roles.
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ASGA Academy

Your Expert Partner for Your Training, Consulting, and Outsourcing Needs

What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

A choice that makes the difference.

Extensive Experience

ASGA Academy gathers 15 years of experience in corporate and individual training, consulting, and outsourcing, supporting businesses, governments, and individuals in the MENA region.

Certified Trainers

Our training solutions are powered by highly qualified, certified trainers and educators who combine their in-depth subject-matter expertise and real-world experience with the latest training techniques.

Innovative Learning

With a blend of our interactive curriculum, tech-driven training techniques, and fully equipped labs, ASGA Academy delivers skills-based, outcomes-focused training. We integrate conceptual and practical training through knowledge-rich materials, multimedia, discussions, simulation exercises, and more.

High-Quality, Customized Training

High-Quality, Customized TrainingASGA Academy training and development courses meet the latest and highest international quality standard. They are shaped around the current business and industry demands and perfectly adjusted to meet your unique training needs as well as your budget and schedule.

Software Development Expertise

We are software development leaders. Coming from a strong software development background, ASGA Academy has specialized expertise and adopts the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust training solutions and unmatched technical guidance.

Versatile Training

For your convenience, ASGA Academy delivers onsite training at your convenient avenue, either at our premises in Egypt, KSA, and UAE or yours, as well as online so you can choose what fits your needs and schedule.

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What is the difference between training development

What is the difference between training & development?

When it comes to the differences between training and development, we can spot a lot! Development is the overall result of various endeavors on many levels. Training, however, is one of them. Training has to do with team building, upskilling, and boosting abilities as steps leading up to the big goal of development. Development, in a way, could be viewed as a non-stop marathon, done to promote career growth and business success. By that, we mean that training is one time-bound catalyst of development. ASGA Academy sees it critical to cover both, beginning with strategizing your success map, customizing your training, and ultimately outsourcing your required workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this ever-shifting business climate, training and development services act as your guide to:

  • Identifying your top requirements through training assessments and strategy consultation,
  • Closing your workforce gaps with custom training,
  • Enhancing your staff performance, and
    Keeping their technical skills and qualifications updated with a comprehensive business strategy for A-list training and development services.,
  • Training and development services aim at boosting your employees’ skills, encouraging them to fulfill their potential.
  • ASGA Academy will help you do all that with a wide array of robust training and development services that will get your employees to hit the ground running for prosperous success.

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