Asga Academy Offers

Professional A+ and N+ Training Course

ASGA Academy offers a comprehensive A+ and N+ training program to equip you with the knowledge,
skills, and confidence to secure your first job in the IT sector.

ASGA Academy A+ & N+ Training

A choice that makes the difference.

The A+ & N+ training program, offered by ASGA Academy, is a comprehensive 1 Month course, designed for aspirant Information and Computer Science fresh graduates. The training helps you gain a foundational-level understanding of computer networks and systems, from hardware and software to troubleshooting and data analysis, as well as emerging technologies. Additionally, the training acts as your entry-level qualification and practical experience for the IT industry, getting your IT skills and capabilities up to scratch to kick-start your professional IT journey.

ASGA Academy A+ & N+ training program includes an internship opportunity to help top performers experience a real-world environment and the responsibilities of your role as a technician. Not only that, with ASGA Academy training program, you’ll have the opportunity to qualify for a full-time job at one of our sister companies.

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Get on with the requirements; ace the HR selection process and the technical interviews; and start learning!
  • Completely served the military service or received an exemption
  • Graduated from a faculty of Information and Computer Science graduate
  • Previous networking experience (i.e. network administration or network support)
  • General knowledge of Windows operating systems (including XP, Vista & Windows 7) and Microsoft productions and technologies.
  • Pass ASGA Academy technical assessment and HR interviews

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    Training Duration

    1 Month

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    34 El-Quds El-Shareef St, From Shehab St, Mohandessin, Giza, Egypt


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