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ASGA Academy professional outsourcing services support you with world-class talents. Hire hard-to-find calibers and get your business going with top-notch experts dedicated to performing their roles with efficiency and confidence.

ASGA Academy: Your Manpower Outsourcing Partner

Whether you’re searching for talents to fill your in-house team gaps, want to upskill your team’s capabilities, or kick-start a new team from scratch, ASGA Academy is the answer. Get started with ASGA Academy manpower outsourcing and get your work done with the hands of industry experts. We go through a strict selection and filtration process on your behalf to guarantee that we only bring the best-in-class in terms of technicality, soft skills, and personality.
Our flexible manpower outsourcing services include software development, HR, administration, localization, and IT experts who serve in all industry verticals. With ASGA Academy, you can customize your outsourcing solutions to match your business operations and needs. Choose to outsource full-timers, part-timers, and/or freelancers, and we’ll always provide what fits your requirements.
ASGA Academy Your Manpower Outsourcing Partner

Our Solutions

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Our team of strategy consultants will help your business to plan and implement a results-driven strategic plan. This plan is designed as a roadmap to the organization on a long-term basis with pivotal milestones and regular performance monitoring and evaluation.
HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Our HR management consulting services are flexible and customizable to fit every business needs. With our consulting and training capabilities, we’re ready to provide all types of training, assessments, practical audits, HR structuring, performance management, and more.
IT Technology Consulting

IT/ Technology Consulting

IT training and consulting services at ASGA Academy cover vast areas starting from building an organization's infrastructure, evaluating existing systems and networks, and providing optimization and risk-defense recommendations.
Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting

Our legal consulting services are supported by an unrivaled team of experienced lawyers and attorneys with rich industry knowledge. We cover all legal consulting services such as legal disputes, litigations, and contracting, and help our clients to comply with regional governmental regulations.
Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

ASGA Academy as one of the leading financial services consulting companies provides all types of strategic financial services that ensure the business is compliant and fulfilling its profitable goals such as overhead costs, profit margins, ROI, and more.
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ASGA Academy

Leverage The Benefits Of Manpower Outsourcing And Upgrade Your Team To The Next Level

Leverage The Benefits Of Manpower Outsourcing And Upgrade Your Team To The Next Level

Leverage The Benefits Of Manpower Outsourcing And Upgrade Your Team To The Next Level

Businesses flourish with the power of their teams. With outsourcing, you get the magic wand to bring in the required blend of talent and tech-savviness to your team in a seamless process. It’s the reason why outsourcing is one of the smartest investments in today’s competitive market, and only then you can see a real difference in terms of productivity, performance, ROI, and much more.

  • Reduced costs, time, and tedious effort wasted in the long hiring processes.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency and optimized delivered quality as a result of dealing with experienced resources.
  • Scaling your team’s capabilities by accessing an innovative talent pool.
  • Focus on your core business objective by freeing up team energies and workload.
The benefits of professional outsourcing are endless, we just highlighted a few of them. By partnering with a trusted manpower outsourcing company like ASGA Academy, you can reap these benefits and more, saving time and money. And, you’ll have the ability to get high-quality work that meets industry standards and your business mission.

What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

A choice that makes the difference.

Extensive Experience

ASGA Academy gathers 15 years of experience in corporate and individual training, consulting, and outsourcing, supporting businesses, governments, and individuals in the MENA region.

Certified Trainers

Our training solutions are powered by highly qualified, certified trainers and educators who combine their in-depth subject-matter expertise and real-world experience with the latest training techniques.

Innovative Learning

With a blend of our interactive curriculum, tech-driven training techniques, and fully equipped labs, ASGA Academy delivers skills-based, outcomes-focused training. We integrate conceptual and practical training through knowledge-rich materials, multimedia, discussions, simulation exercises, and more.

High-Quality, Customized Training

High-Quality, Customized TrainingASGA Academy training and development courses meet the latest and highest international quality standard. They are shaped around the current business and industry demands and perfectly adjusted to meet your unique training needs as well as your budget and schedule.

Software Development Expertise

We are software development leaders. Coming from a strong software development background, ASGA Academy has specialized expertise and adopts the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust training solutions and unmatched technical guidance.

Versatile Training

For your convenience, ASGA Academy delivers onsite training at your convenient avenue, either at our premises in Egypt, KSA, and UAE or yours, as well as online so you can choose what fits your needs and schedule.

Other Services

Corporate Training
Corporate Training
ASGA Academy is one of the leading corporate training centers in the Middle East. We offer a wide range of expert employee training and development programs for your workforce learning and development objectives, from IT and software to localization and soft skills.
Individual Training
Individual Training
ASGA Academy provides a range of courses for individuals who want to improve their technical and professional skills in Software and IT, localization, soft skills, and more. Our courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and hands-on skills to take your career to the next level with confidence
We offer expert consulting services for businesses on strategy, HR, IT & technology, legal, and financial. With the help of our experienced consultants, we provide data-driven, industry-specific support and guidance to make the right business decisions.

How Our Outsourcing Process Goes

Our outsourcing process is very efficient and smooth. We operate on three milestones. And they are as follows:

  • First, we start by helping our client to define their outsourcing goals and objectives to provide perfect-matching roles in terms of skillset and experience.
  • Second, and after we have the requirements in hand, we proceed in our outsourcing journey by hiring the required talents along with onboarding training to ensure a smooth work-handling process.
  • Third,  we, at ASGA Academy, keep an eye on the outsourced calibers to track their perform
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