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Reap the benefits of diverse, practical courses and learn starting from the fundamentals courses for beginners to the advanced courses designed for industry professionals.

Certified Software Courses That Will Upgrade Your Career To The Next Level

ASGA Academy is one of the leading training and courses centers in the MENA region for more than 15 years. We offer a wide range of courses such as software development courses, IT courses, HR courses, and localization courses for both individuals and corporations and for all industries.

Our software development courses are specifically designed to fit today’s market needs. We understand how rapidly the software engineering field is evolving with updated computer science theories and technologies and we design our curriculums to cope with this evolution. We cover all the software development vital segments such as UI UX design, web design, mobile development, web development, software testing (QC), and more. Learn software development now with a blend of top market experts, equipment, and technologies, and make a step forward in your career path.

Certified Software Courses That Will Upgrade Your Career To The Next Level

Popular Topics

Software Development
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What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

A choice that makes the difference.


Long-standing experience in corporate, individual, and government training in MENA.

Certified Trainers

with deep subject-matter knowledge and real experience.

Innovative Learning

that's high-tech & interactive in fully equipped labs.

High-Quality, Customized Training

under the highest, latest international quality standards.

Software Development Leaders

20+ years of hands-on expertise in the software development field.

Flexible Training

Online, at your chosen place, or at any of our locations in Egypt, KSA, and UAE.

24/7 Availability

at any of our contact points (Calls and WhatsApp).

Trainer-Trainee Ongoing Touchpoint

for continuous support and interaction with their trainers.

Employment Possibilities

for excellent performers who pass our evaluation and filtration.

Popular Instructors

Owen Christ
After working as a software developer and...
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Namrata Parmar
I came to Eduma ten years ago
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George Clinton
After working as a software developer and...
George Richards
After working as a software developer and...
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Betty Milner
After working as a software developer and...

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Dokki, Giza, Egypt

Come join our workshop dedicated to all junior and fresh software developers. ASGA Academy will help you decide on the best mobile development path...

Why Do You Need To Start Your Software Development Course Right Away

Why Do You Need To Start Your Software Development Course Right Away?

The benefits you’ll get from taking a software development course are various. If you are a career shifter, a project manager, an industry practitioner, or a decision maker in a software corporation, a software development course is exactly what you need.

  • You’ll have the ability to join a fast-growing career path if you’re thinking about a pivotal career shift. 
  • If you’re a beginner, you’ll enrich your knowledge with an updated skill set to boost your work output efficiency.
  • If you’re a software development practitioner you’ll learn new updated tools and tech stacks with real-time knowledge.
  • Generally, you’ll save much time from trial and error which will reflect in saving costs as well.
  • As a corporate, you’ll level up your team’s skills and knowledge to boost their productivity. 
Above all, you’ll get the chance to become a better leader if you’re working in the project management sector because understanding emerging technologies will help you shorten the project’s lifecycle. Decide to start and be ready for an entire career upgrade.

Other Courses Categories

In addition to software courses, ASGA Academy provides multiple career development courses and programs including:

Change Your Life With A Decision To Learn A New Skill

If you’ve been hesitant about deciding to begin a software course, we believe the time is now. Upgrade your skill sets and join the world’s professional market by choosing your course, contacting us for advisory, and booking your seat. Upon completion, you’ll get a certified course that will supercharge your career. For corporate decision-makers, we encourage you to take the initiative to upskill your workforce, get customized courses that match your needs and schedule them according to your suitable timings and location. We provide online and in-class software courses and we are equipped to provide both with the same quality and efficiency.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In general, there is no one course in particular to become a software developer. However, you can choose between front-end courses, back-end courses, data science courses, iOS development, or Android development courses. These will put you on the right track.

Software testing courses, UI & UX Design courses, Front End (React & Angular) courses,
Mobile Development (Flutter, IOS, and Android), and Business Analysis (BA) courses.

By learning a new skill theoretically and practically with hands-on experience to deliver at least one product, you can confidently start working in the software development career.

Usually, software courses are not divided into subjects but into modules or chapters according to the course curriculum and practical material.

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