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ASGA Academy provides professional consulting services that focus on your current challenges and upcoming future opportunities. Strategize your business and get expert advice and support from a blend of experts, technologies, and advanced analytics.
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ASGA Academy: Your Full-Fledged Consulting Services Provider

ASGA Academy is one of the leading consulting companies in Egypt and the Middle East with 15 years of experience in HR consulting, IT consulting, financial consulting, legal consulting, and more. Our expertise empowers us to guide our clients in their business development journey and overcome business challenges and market uncertainties. We understand how the market can change in a blink and that’s why our team of business consultants build their decisions on updated statistics and credible data sources.
If you are facing difficulty in launching a new project, lost between business strategies, or feel that your business is misaligning with your vision and goal then it’s time to take a professional consultancy. Our training and consultancy services cover almost all fields and business sectors with industry-specific, world-class experts who have years of hands-on experience contributing to mega business projects and brands.
ASGA Academy Your Full Fledged Consulting Services Provider

Our Solutions

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Our team of strategy consultants will help your business to plan and implement a results-driven strategic plan. This plan is designed as a roadmap to the organization on a long-term basis with pivotal milestones and regular performance monitoring and evaluation.
HR Consulting

HR Consulting

Our HR management consulting services are flexible and customizable to fit every business needs. With our consulting and training capabilities, we’re ready to provide all types of training, assessments, practical audits, HR structuring, performance management, and more.
IT Technology Consulting

IT/ Technology Consulting

IT training and consulting services at ASGA Academy cover vast areas starting from building an organization's infrastructure, evaluating existing systems and networks, and providing optimization and risk-defense recommendations.
Legal Consulting

Legal Consulting

Our legal consulting services are supported by an unrivaled team of experienced lawyers and attorneys with rich industry knowledge. We cover all legal consulting services such as legal disputes, litigations, and contracting, and help our clients to comply with regional governmental regulations.
Financial Consulting

Financial Consulting

ASGA Academy as one of the leading financial services consulting companies provides all types of strategic financial services that ensure the business is compliant and fulfilling its profitable goals such as overhead costs, profit margins, ROI, and more.
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ASGA Academy

Define Your Competitive Advantage With The Help Of Industry Experts

Professional Consulting Training Services That Pave Your Business Road Ahead

Professional Consulting & Training Services That Pave Your Business Road Ahead

Consultation is the road sign that will lead you to the right way. Don’t wait until your business faces challenges and start proactively to identify your upcoming challenges so you can smoothly overcome them. In addition to crossing these roadblocks with consultation, you’ll also get;

  • Getting guided by market experts with specific high-end skill sets.
  • Consistent technology transformation and implementation to optimize business processes.
  • Strategizing a plan with realistic objectives.
  • Speeding product delivery and time-to-market of new projects.
  • Reduced costs and time by identifying business process areas that can be enhanced.
Experienced consulting companies such as ASGA Academy are the best support for your business. Having an expert consultant by your side means that you’ll have someone to reply to your unanswered questions. How to get more profits, how to optimize my supply chain, how to speed up the delivery, or sadly why my project is losing. The bottom line is that your future of work can be revamped just by one decision, hiring a business consultant.

What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

A choice that makes the difference.

Extensive Experience

ASGA Academy gathers 15 years of experience in corporate and individual training, consulting, and outsourcing, supporting businesses, governments, and individuals in the MENA region.

Certified Trainers

Our training solutions are powered by highly qualified, certified trainers and educators who combine their in-depth subject-matter expertise and real-world experience with the latest training techniques.

Advanced Analytics

We at ASGA Academy convert your data assets into data-driven decisions. We know how to analyze your market’s competitors, your business’s needs, and your audiences’ preferences to come up with business-accelerating decisions.

Business Consultation Experts

We are an industry leader and we only deal with the market’s best-in-class business consultants. Our objective is to provide you with a consultant who speaks both business and technical language to support your journey effectively from start to end.

Software Development Expertise

We are software development leaders. Coming from a strong software development background, ASGA Academy has specialized expertise and adopts the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust training solutions and unmatched technical guidance.

Full-Fledged Business Consulting Services

We connect all your business segments in one funnel to ensure getting profitable results. We do not provide fragmented services, instead, we set goals and align all of your and our teams and capabilities to strike them in less time, cost, and effort.

Other Services

Individual Training
Individual Training
ASGA Academy provides a range of courses for individuals who want to improve their technical and professional skills in Software and IT, localization, soft skills, and more. Our courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and hands-on skills to take your career to the next level with confidence
ASGA Academy manpower outsourcing services offer you the highest caliber professionals to organizations across different fields. We have a strict selection and filtration process to help you hire best-in-class industry experts.
Corporate Training
Corporate Training
ASGA Academy is one of the leading corporate training centers in the Middle East. We offer a wide range of expert employee training and development programs for your workforce learning and development objectives, from IT and software to localization and soft skills.

Practical Consultation For All Industries With Functional Expertise

When you hire business consultants, you need them to contribute in one of two majors; either solving an industry-specific problem or solving a function-specific challenge. To make it simpler, in your business, you’ll need someone to give you guidance based on credible knowledge in anything related specifically to your industry such as a legal consultant. Or you may need an IT consultant who is here to build an optimized system regardless of your industry.
At ASGA Academy we provide both function-specific consultants and industry-specific consultants so you can have all your guidance you need from one place.
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