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Right now, organizations’ and businesses’ online presence is becoming more and more crucial to their success and continuity and so importantly for spreading their culture and identity. Therefore, such frontend web development courses are now among the essential kit for developers, especially with the huge demand for coders with excellent front-end development skills. And a good knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a must.


Frontend web development courses  are those concerned with building engaging, robust, interactive user experiences and user interfaces for responsive web designs and applications. So get into frontend web development, client end careers, cover everything about designing and developing codes that bring great ideas to life on websites. ASGA Academy will accompany you on that journey, ensuring you produce great user experiences, taking on roles in tomorrow’s online outlook.

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Build the Most Confident and Efficient Workforce with ASGA Academy

Specialized Training Attract and Retain Unique TalentsCourses to Fulfill Your Career Goals

Follow ASGA Academy’s Straight Paths to Frontend

ASGA Academy offers great frontend web development courses with meticulously defined objectives that encompass all full beginners’ kits and to get them up from entry-level to professional level. ASGA Academy has designed various backend & frontend web development courses to help all young professionals, fresh graduates, and aspiring developers embark on their dream jobs in backend, frontend, or even full stack development.

Front end development cannot ever be undermined. And for so, ASGA Academy has designed a package of frontend web development courses that include HTML & CSS, React JS, React Native, Angular to guide you from the ground level to the professional, covering all directions you might take.

ASGA Academy is so keen on furnishing a quality road map to frontend web developers, always developing and improving it to help them hit the ground running with various job offers or freelance opportunities worldwide.

What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

A choice that makes the difference.

Extensive Experience

ASGA Academy gathers 15 years of experience in corporate and individual training, consulting, and outsourcing, supporting businesses, governments, and individuals in the MENA region.

Certified Trainers

Our training solutions are powered by highly qualified, certified trainers and educators who combine their in-depth subject-matter expertise and real-world experience with the latest training techniques.

Innovative Learning

With a blend of our interactive curriculum, tech-driven training techniques, and fully equipped labs, ASGA Academy delivers skills-based, outcomes-focused training. We integrate conceptual and practical training through knowledge-rich materials, multimedia, discussions, simulation exercises, and more.

High-Quality, Customized Training

High-Quality, Customized TrainingASGA Academy training and development courses meet the latest and highest international quality standard. They are shaped around the current business and industry demands and perfectly adjusted to meet your unique training needs as well as your budget and schedule.

Software Development Expertise

We are software development leaders. Coming from a strong software development background, ASGA Academy has specialized expertise and adopts the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust training solutions and unmatched technical guidance.

Versatile Training

For your convenience, ASGA Academy delivers onsite training at your convenient avenue, either at our premises in Egypt, KSA, and UAE or yours, as well as online so you can choose what fits your needs and schedule.

Other Services

Corporate Training
Corporate Training
ASGA Academy is one of the leading corporate training centers in the Middle East. We offer a wide range of expert employee training and development programs for your workforce learning and development objectives, from IT and software to localization and soft skills.
ASGA Academy manpower outsourcing services offering you the highest caliber professionals to organizations across different fields. We have a strict selection and filtration process to help you hire best-in-class industry experts.
We offer expert consulting services for businesses on strategy, HR, IT & technology, legal, and financial. With the help of our experienced consultants, we provide data-driven, industry-specific support and guidance to make the right business decisions.

Upskill & Effortlessly Onboard Your Next Jobholders

Through ASGA Academy talent incubation & development programs, we consult and guide you through the entire process from strategy and research to training and onboarding. We start with extensive orientations to clearly define your requirements and workforce recruitment needs, and accordingly customize our talent incubation plans. Next comes thorough search and strict screening, through ASGA Academy’s effective marketing or referrals to identify and curate high-potential talent best for your business. Our training methods are both theory and practical-based to help make your future team confident in harnessing their skills and meeting their roles and your workplace’s expectations. They then undergo on-the-job training to experience a real work environment, where their skills and knowledge are heavily refined in an immersive atmosphere. Finally, they get assessed in a final evaluation to make sure that only top performers and high achievers make it to your team.
Upskill Effortlessly Onboard Your Next Jobholders

Build Strong, Reliable Teams with ASGA Academy

Your Career Starts Here


Talent Development is a series of activities that aim at uncovering talents and upskilling them to join today’s workforce. Talent development plans take place through talent research and screening, training programs, internships, and onboarding.

Talent development initiatives link your business objectives to its context and capabilities to grow more successful and function better. Saying so, talent development is any process that targets refining, enhancing, and better deploying your talents so that every minute of your work truly counts.

In this war for talents, effective talent development management comes as a very strong strategic human resource tactic to acquire and retain skilled people for bigger achievements for them and the companies. 

Before all, collaboration with an expert talent incubation consultant like ASGA Academy will ensure you the perfect comprehensive talent management strategy.

Here are some tips your company should have in place to improve its talent development programs and have its objectives and goals in place.

  1. Understand Your Objectives.

A solid talent development plan has to align with your company’s business strategy and goals.

  1. Recognize Talent Requirements for Upskilling

Understand your employees’ skills and how they are currently performing. Build an improvement plan that reskills your employees and takes into consideration the utilization of existing, maybe undervalued, skills and knowledge to develop and best use them.

  1. Provide Learning Paths

In-depth communication with your staff as well as with an educational partner will help you tailor an improvement path and programs that meet your company’s and employees’ needs. Such programs will cover training, on-job training, and evaluation. 

ASGA Academy, as an educational partner, combines leading-edge capacities and a breadth of integrated services that would translate all your needs into on-point talent development programs.

  1. Establish an Embracing Business Culture

Seek continuous learning as a core value to your business and encourage development and adaptability. You can do this for example through online training.

  1. Always Evaluate

To improve your talents, you need to continuously evaluate their progress and measure it in light of your set goals.In addition to all this, your HR, too, is your biggest frontier. Starting with a trained HR department, you’ll start with more effective talent development programs and strategic deployment for your cadres.

The future of work is going to be greatly different, much more demanding, and digitally challenging. For such reasons, future talent development is also going to change! Here are some ways how:

1- One of the talent development approaches will be associated with creating on-demand and flexible resources that can be utilized anytime. Such pools are grouped according to their skills, rather than their position titles.

2- Talents would be trained to be flexibly and back-to-back deployed. Organizations would allocate their talents and skills to different tasks in different areas of their domain regardless of the original functions or positions held.

3- Designing ways to do the job would be of greater importance than simply doing it. With such unbelievable technological advances, organizations would train their cadres to know how and when to use them. That’s why many training programs focus on the best utilization and incorporation of technology before human efforts are made.


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