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About Asga Academy

We are Technology Innovators and Training Experts

Asga Academy is a professional learning and training solutions provider, delivering efficient and custom training solutions, with a key focus on mobile application development and eLearning technologies.

For more than a decade, Asga Academy has been providing a diverse range of innovative training solutions, being a trusted partner for regional and multinational organizations and government agencies and empowering them to develop professional knowledge and competencies in the mobile technologies field.

A Little Bit of History 

In 2010, Asga Academy was born as a sister company to Asgatech, a mobile application development and software solutions provider, established in 2003. Recognized as one of the top providers in the MENA region, Asgatech has been leveraging cutting-edge technologies, building  +350 robust mobile applications for various platforms.


To deliver professional education and powerful training solutions that bring real-world value and offer rigorous skills-based practical experience, while ensuring optimal cost-efficiency.


To lead a transformative change in the landscape of mobile, software, and eLearning technologies in the MENA region through bridging the gap between the complex, ever-changing demands of the field and the education and skills required to meet those demands.


Why Asga Academy?

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Asga Academy Trusted Partners

With more than a decade in the mobile development and training fields, Asga Academy is trusted by regional and global leaders for its quality services, expertise, and commitment.

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