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ASGA Academy is your one-stop training center, offering expert individual and corporate training solutions as well as outsourcing and consulting services. As one of the top training centers in Egypt and the Middle East, we reinvent today’s workplaces and workforces to drive people and businesses forward.

ASGA Academy Specialized Training Center: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Founded in 2007, ASGA Academy is a professional training center, offering individual and corporate training, consultation, and outsourcing services. With almost two decades of experience, coupled with our professional league of educators and instructors, we provide customized employee development and career development programs that align with the current industry and business demands, committed to delivering quality education and promoting lifelong learning.
Our training courses cover a wide range of fields, from Software & IT to Softskills courses and more, conducted in Arabic and English As an innovative learning center, we deliver knowledge-rich training and hands-on practical experience, using interactive course materials and technology-equipped facilities. It’s what makes ASGA Academy one of the professional and trusted training institutes in Egypt.
ASGA Academy Specialized Training Center Building Tomorrows Leaders

ASGA Academy Services

Corporate Training 1

Corporate Training

ASGA Academy is one of the leading corporate training centers in the Middle East. We offer a wide range of expert employee training and development programs for your workforce learning and development objectives, from IT and software to localization and soft skills.
Individual Training 1

Individual Training

ASGA Academy provides a range of courses for individuals who want to improve their technical and professional skills in Software and IT, localization, soft skills, and more. Our courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and hands-on skills to take your career to the next level with confidence.
Outsourcing 1


ASGA Academy manpower outsourcing services offer you the highest caliber professionals to organizations across different fields. We have a strict selection and filtration process to help you hire best-in-class industry experts.


We offer expert consultation services for businesses on strategy, HR, IT & technology, legal, and financial. With the help of our experienced consultants, we provide data-driven, industry-specific support and guidance to make the right business decisions.

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    What Makes ASGA Academy Different?

    A choice that makes the difference.

    Extensive Experience

    ASGA Academy gathers 15 years of experience in corporate and individual training, consulting, and outsourcing, supporting businesses, governments, and individuals in the MENA region.

    Certified Trainers

    Our training solutions are powered by highly qualified, certified trainers and educators who combine their in-depth subject-matter expertise and real-world experience with the latest training techniques.

    Innovative Learning

    With a blend of our interactive curriculum, tech-driven training techniques, and fully equipped labs, ASGA Academy delivers skills-based, outcomes-focused training. We integrate conceptual and practical training through knowledge-rich materials, multimedia, discussions, simulation exercises, and more.

    High-Quality, Customized Training

    High-Quality, Customized TrainingASGA Academy training and development courses meet the latest and highest international quality standard. They are shaped around the current business and industry demands and perfectly adjusted to meet your unique training needs as well as your budget and schedule.

    Software Development Expertise

    We are software development leaders. Coming from a strong software development background, ASGA Academy has specialized expertise and adopts the latest technologies and industry best practices to deliver robust training solutions and unmatched technical guidance.

    Versatile Training

    For your convenience, ASGA Academy delivers onsite training at your convenient avenue, either at our premises in Egypt, KSA, and UAE or yours, as well as online so you can choose what fits your needs and schedule.

    ASGA Academy: Experience Meets Technology

    If you are looking for training courses in Egypt and looking for expertise, innovation, and custom solutions, then ASGA Academy comes at the top of the list as one of the most recognized training providers in Egypt.
    ASGA Academy draws on its years of experience in the field and invests in the latest technologies to take training to the next level, relevant to the needs of today’s work and business landscape. Additionally, as a leading corporate training center, our employee development programs are customized to your teams’ learning needs and corporates’ strategic objectives.
    But besides training, ASGA Academy is one of the few training centers in Egypt that support your training, consulting, and outsourcing needs in one place. We assist you with expert and data-driven advice and guidance with our financial, technical, strategic, HR, and legal consulting services to make confident, smart decisions. Additionally, our outsourcing services help you build a highly qualified, highly skilled workforce to increase your efficiency and accelerate your business growth.
    ASGA Academy Experience Meets Technology 2

    Our Clients

    Onsite Training

    Learning cuate
    Offering right-here-right-now interactive training at our training centers or your own workplace at your convenience. Our training centers are equipped with the latest technologies and tools to ensure dynamic learning experiences.

    Online Training

    Learning amico
    ASGA Academy offers interactive virtual training from anywhere in the world. You can still get the full hands-on training that you need. Our expert instructors leverage advanced training techniques that blend conceptual and practical knowledge.

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