Technology Platforms
We are constantly working towards bringing to our clients innovative services that go beyond the benefits of traditional applications, with advanced capabilities & features designed to meet industry specific business needs. Our know-how are built on leading edge technology and scalable design that can accommodate the needs of each and every client.
aac is authorized testing center from prometric. On their behalf this accreditation let aac can provide a lot of international exams such as Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple, IBM and Blackerry.

Designed to discover new concepts and theories that will build their innovators and technical capabilities and broaden their insights understanding of the interdependencies of measuring the maturity of an organization’s software process. This program aims to improving the organization’s productivity and increasing its competitive advantage. See More: Click here

aac Ambassadors Program

Be our official ambassador and represent aac at your governorates. Just send your updated CV to


Kids Programing
1-Technology and Engineering :
Programs are aimed not to learn about the use of technology but in developing the right skills and knowledge to create Technology. Our Engineering activities are aimed at the design process and our students will be developing and building a solution to a problem. aac engineering is about creative iterative problem solving.

Kids Programing
2- Robotics
 offer Robotic Programs in different age groups from 4 to 14 year old kids. Children all know that making something can be quite fun and that technology can be useful. Rewarding hands-on experience keep children engaged in the learning process, so they don’t lose their curiosity about science or math. Our Robotic Programs will make Science once more fun, educative and exciting!

Kids Programing
Preschool Programs
Our preschool science programs are designed to captivate the curious nature of young children. Preschoolers enjoy captivating demonstrations, perform simple science experiments and discover how science can help us to better understand the world around us, from butterflies to senses, from water to earth, and much more!

Asga Learnquest Partner
Asga Learnquest Partner
Asga IBM Partner
Asga IBM Partner
Asga Kids
Asga Kids
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    About Us

    Maged Shaker


    aac (asga academy), this name always gives me a lot of meanings, challenges, beyond expectations outcomes and all above,innovation with no limit! Wish to see them on the position they deserve!

    We judge our success through our ability to provide the highest-quality business solutions, as perceived by our clients, while achieving a steady growth in revenue and profit, side by side with a continuous self and community development for both; the internal and external works.

    Hesham Hammam

    Managing Director

    Hesham Hammam

    Managing Director

    We judge our success through our ability to provide the highest-quality business solutions, as perceived by our clients, while achieving a steady growth in revenue and profit, side by side with a continuous self and community development for both; the internal and external works.

    Our Mission

    To meet clients' needs, asga academy takes an integrated approach to training & workshops, consultancy services, and knowledge management, combined to optimize organizational and individual learning.

    Our Vision

    To become the leading educators and consultants in the Middle East, by creating and sustaining a long-term partnership with our clients and by providing the highest quality of our services.

    Our Services

    • Consulting


      We work side-by-side with our clients to develop innovative plans, processes, strategies, and to introduce advanced systems for customers to build, control and meet their educational planning requirements Then we stay around to help execute the plan because we believe that’s the only way to create real and lasting value.

    • Incubation


      A business Incubator is a comprehensive business-assistance program targeted to help start-up and early stage firms with the goal of improving their chances to grow into healthy sustainable companies.

    • Training


      We always ensure that our educational solutions make positive contribution to our clients who we work closely with to develop whatever processes needed to reinforce the learning and development process during and after our involvement Over the years we have specialized in offering the highest quality of Training services   to Corporate and Individual.

    Our Success Stories

    June 20

    AAST & Nokia QT Workshop

    Provided QT in depth training at AAST (Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Cairo in cooperation with Nokia.
    March 13

    Khalifa university ios training

    Provide Android, IOS, and Windows Phone 8 sessions for Khalifa University students at UAE.
    February 20

    Cairo - Nokia Smart ASHA Event

    Provide full organizing Nokia ASHA workshops in cooperation with Nokia during Feb & March 2013. The workshops will pass through 3 governorates Cairo Mansoura and Assiut
    November 3


    Provided J2ME & Web apps in depth training at Cairo university in cooperation with Nokia
    December 3


    Provided J2ME & Web apps in depth training at AUC, GUC, and Cairo university in cooperation with Nokia.
    December 20


    Provided J2ME & Web apps in depth training at GUC university in cooperation with Nokia.
    April 1

    Android Traning with TIEC

    Provided full android Trainig throw 8 intakes in cooperation with TIEC
    May 8

    Port ur app to the X - with Nokia

    Start serious of events with nokia to announce and publish the nokia x
    June 9

    Windos PhoneTrainig With Microsoft

    Provided two days of trainig incooperation with microsoft for windos phone
    May 30

    Port ur android app - tanta event

    Provided serious of event with nokia for publishing the nokia x




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    2. SaudiArabia: NadwaStreet, Al-Sulaimaniyam, Riyadh
    3. UAE: BC2, Ras Al Khaimah, RAK free trade zone ( P.O BOX:16111)
    4. South Africa: 33 Hout Street, Cape Town, South Africa.


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